Facebook API upgrade version

  • Hi,
    FB wants me to upgrade to their new API version. Will this impact Spotipo? Their email:

    [[Your App is currently accessing Graph API v2.8 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 18 April, 2019. We estimate 3 endpoints that calls will be impacted by this change and may stop working after the automatic upgrade push. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v2.9 or higher. Use the API Upgrade Tool to understand exactly how this change will impact your app.

    Note: If you do not see any impacted calls in the API Upgrade Tool, your app/code may not be affected by this upgrade.]]

    What to do?

    This is what my App shows on the FB API page:

  • @Jelle Thanks a lot for bringing it out. We will push an update this weekend with API updation

  • @rakesh-mukundan Please upgrade to 3.4.9 it will have API version 3.2

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