Install error - Unable to locate package

  • Hi Team,

    I'm currently facing an issue when following the install instructions for spotipo on Linux 18.04 x64.

    I've grabbed a droplet with linux preloaded as per instructions, however when attempting to perform step to install package I've got the following error "unable to locate package"

    I'm thinking this should be a simple fix but need some guidance.

  • @ALi-Elmir Sounds like either apt update is not proper or repo is not added.

    Can you share the screenshot of the following command. ( full screenshot)

    sudo apt update

  • All is good, had to ssh rather than using the console in digital ocean.

    I would like to add the following since we got it up and running :

    1. would recommend 3gb of ram with 1gb swap file.

    Issues occurring when using 2gb without a swap file such as

    • Spotipo not working after restart.

    Some Observations:

    1. This works with cloud flare.

    2. works brilliantly with the unifi cloud key.

    This software is the bomb!!

  • @ALi-Elmir Glad to know you got it working!

    We have been aware of the memory issue, and now have optimized it to run with 2Gb RAM or less.

    Give 3.4.12 a try and see how that performs

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