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  • I have both Unifi Cloud Key and Spotipo server in my LAN, but I have only one public IP, so when I have to use the redirection via FQDN I can't use a destination NAT on a searate port to reach spotipo server. It seems designed to use an external server with a proper DNS record somewhere.
    Is it possible to have everything behind the external firewall?

  • @Gianpiero-Ciacci why not forward port 80/443 to spotipo server?

  • i think that you have to nat port , in example 8080 , 8443 , 3478 to cloud key , and the other port to the spotipo server , in my network spotipo server is , here the port i have forwarded

    HTTPS	TCP	TCP:443	TCP:443	
    HTTP	TCP	TCP:80	TCP:80	
    wifi	ALL	8880	8880	
    wifi2	ALL	8081	8081	
    wifi3	ALL	8843	8843	
    mt1	ALL	1812	1812	
    mt2	ALL	1813	1813	

    i have my person network with dyndns

  • I have already setup the destination NAT on port 7080 and 7443 to the spotipo server, but the redirection on the cloud key doesn't accept ports. So I may try using normal 80 and 443 ports directly to the spotipo server.
    I'll let you know if it works

  • SOLVED - My main problem was the SSL support (I haven't installed yet...) and a couple of wrong dst-nat on central firewall. Thanks to the support here works properly.

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