Analytics - which AP generates most revenue or logins?

  • Hi All,
    Apologies if this has been asked-for or posted-about before (I'm new here).
    I really lack what I find to be a key feature in managing multiple APs --- some way of knowing which of the APs generate the most business?

    Additionally, I can see in the Dashboards figures for "visits" and "logins" --- int he tens of thousands "visits" per day, and hundreds of "Logins", but I can't click to dig deeper and have no clue what are these?
    MAC addresses that associated with the SSID?
    Ok - which SSID? On which AP (I use the same SSID across multiple APs --- mostly using OpenMesh devices)...
    How can I gain some insight about all this?
    What are "logins" --- again, on which AP? On which SSID?

    The "Insights" section of the GUI is even less insightful, it tells me nothing?

    What am I doing wrong, or more likely, when are these features going to get implemented?



  • @Yahel-Ben-David

    Visits : Number of times landing page is visited

    Login : Number of times devices logged in

    Our current design is for customers who are interested in knowing stats per "site" not per AP, hence insights and other things are designed for providing such info on per-site basis.

    You could logically separate APs into different sites, and gather insights.

    Or you can download transactions as CSV from Dashboard, which has a field AP MAC on which transaction has happened.

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