Issues with 2 different portals on one site

  • We have had no issues with Spotipo until we added a second portal on the same internet connection (as their is two companies at this site sharing the connection). One site works fine but the other site (which has the same setup) connects to the guest wifi but never redirects to the Spotipo portal and ask for login. Is this something we can fix?

  • @Peter-Dingle Can you provide a bit more details? Which router are you using? What exactly meant by sharing internet connection ?

  • The equipment is a Unifi USG gateway which is connected to a Unifi Access Point in my building which has its own Spotipo portal (which is working fine). There is then a cable to another building which has 3 Unifi Access Points and a different Spotipo portal (this one doesn't work, it connects but never get the login to network prompt). If I change this back from external portal to the standard internal Unifi Portal everything works but we obviously then don't get the options of collecting email address.

    Hopefully this explains it and thanks for responding.

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