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  • I have a client that is going to have a basic airB&B site. At the location they are going to offer free WiFi and only wish to capture the basic email (no verification). This is a new install, I am familiar with Unifi and they will have a single USG, AP Pro and Switch 8 for their network.

    I simply want to offer a 'guest' network, they connect, get directed to a secure page, they enter an email, and then they can surf.

    The [features] link on the spotipo site doesn't do anything, but the pricing shows email login. So, the questions are;

    1. $59/yr - so that is a one time and we just renew after 1 year. Does that include an SSL cert as well?
    2. Does the above scenario seem to work with what they want?
    3. Repoting - what does and doesnt get reported to the admins?


  • @Lance-Raymond said in Simple few Q's:

    $59/yr - so that is a one time and we just renew after 1 year. Does that include an SSL cert as well?

    Yes that's correct, however, this is only for the license. You still need to install spotipo on an ubuntu server. It doesn't include SSL or domain name.

    Spotipo can do what you want.

    Admins get to see all the info collected from Guests, devices connected etc

  • @rakesh-mukundan - Thanks for the reply.

    Does the Ubuntu server have to reside on that network or can it be on an AWS cloud server?

  • @Lance-Raymond I found AWS a bit unpredictable on pricing.. Spin up a $10p/m Digital Ocean Ubuntu Droplet (use free trial!) Install Unifi and Spotipo on same server. Create a different site on unifi and spotipo for each customer and manage all sites on the same server. A lot easier to manage, save on install costs and one less thing to fail on site and cause a visit...

    I haven't tried it myself but Digital Ocean list Spotipo in the marketplace so technically if you installed that you would just need to install unifi controller once its up...

    Unifi Install
    Spotipo Install
    Digital Ocean Spotipo Marketplace Install
    Controller Setup


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