Ruckus vSZ Clustered Configuration

  • We are trying to implement Spotipo with our Ruckus vSZ in a clustered configuration. Each vSZ instance has it's own public IP address, as per the setup requirements for clustered vSZ. As such, how can we setup Spotipo to talk to the 2 different IP addresses which each will have their own Location ID and NAS ID? The only way I can think to get around this is to place a load balancer in front of the vSZ and have Spotipo communicate with the load balancer IP address rather than directly with the vSZ IP addresses.

    Also, is it possible to have multiple Sites within Spotipo point to the same vSZ?


  • @Tahir-Pervez It is possible to have multiple VZ to talk to Spotipo. Just add another entry in the SZ table. External Ip adress is not used anywhere. Communication always happens between VZ -> Spotipo. Hence there is no need to have load balancing.

    You can have multiple sites pointing to same vSZ. However, SZ doesn't allow multiple Radius servers with same IP. Hence while adding second site, use the custom password option and enter the password from previous site. ( I will reply to your mail as well now )


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