[RELEASE] Spotipo 3.1 is now available for general usage

  • Spotipo 3.1.3 is now available for testing.

    How to Upgrade from 3.0

    sudo apt get update
    sudo apt install spotipo

    Major Changes

    New device support
    Aruba IAP

    Server Status Page

    Know the status of your Spotipo Installation


    Download Logs

    Easily download logs and share with Spotipo team. The logs are encrypted hence can be shared securely on the forum

    Rotating quota for Username/Password accounts

    Create user accounts with rotating data quota


    Full Content

    [SPOTIPOV3-12] - Enhance site selector
    [SPOTIPOV3-45] - update requirements to latest
    [SPOTIPOV3-47] - Add an option in Admin dashboard to download support info
    [SPOTIPOV3-52] - Create a status page
    [SPOTIPOV3-56] - Add rotating data quota to Guest Users
    [SPOTIPOV3-55] - Issue with phone OTP back button
    [SPOTIPOV3-56] - Issue with dashboard navigation in small screens
    [SPOTIPOV3-49] - Fix to Unifi background tasks not updating properly
    [SPOTIPOV3-57] - Updated French and Spanish translations