Facebook permissions and App review

  • Hi,
    My app was pro-actively submitted for review by Facebook itself. It was rejected because of me not describing the use-cases for the permissions. Now, I really don't seem to need those permissions so I removed all of them. Is it still possible to use the default FB login in Spotipo without permissions from Facebook?
    Permissions stated were: user_link, user_gender, user_age and another one... Don't remember the actual names...

    My app does however need to be reviewed by FB again. I need to enable a testuser for Facebook admins to test my Spotipo logins. Do you have any guidelines on how to enable this for Spotipo? Thanks.

  • @Jelle You don't need any extra permissions for Facebook Login to work. Only if you would like to collect gender and age review is required.

    Enabling the test user can be done via FB app settings if I remember correctly. However haven't done this in a long time so not really sure.

  • @rakesh-mukundan Thanks for the quick reply! Okay, so nothing changed with that in Spotipo 3. I'll try to finish the review and report back here.
    I don't see many people here writing about this. You guys just passed the last FB app review without any problems?

  • Okay, so creating a testuser was easy. Only, I have the same problems as I had some time ago; the test-user can't login with the Spotipo portal. You can easily try yourself by just creating a testuser in the FB dev app dashboard and login with it.

    I get this after approving the terms&conditions and trying logging in with FB: Selection_155.jpg
    Which reads; Error "Message could not be shared. Your shared message can't be loaded. Maybe the message was recently removed."

    Is anybody able to successfully use a 'testuser' to login to their Spotipo portal?
    (This is required for FB to test your app!)

  • Follow-up; seems this is all not necessary for the app to keep working. Only some FB Permissions are taken away, but I didn't use them anyway.
    Still.. when someone finds a way to create a working FB testuser that can authenticate against your own Spotipo portal (API app), please post it in this forum! 🙂

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