Voucher usage statistics

  • Hello,

    We need voucher usage statistics page that could be displayed once after user re-logins to wifi (for example like Mikrotik Userman provides such a stats if you input gateway IP)

    For example:
    We provide vouchers to access the Internet with 200 Mb and 30 day valid
    The user logs in first day, spends 25 Mb and quits
    Next day he spends 50 Mb and quits
    Third day he spends 125 Mb and is unable to work in Internet anymore
    He is disappointed, because do not understand why it not works
    He goes to admin and disturbs him
    If he could know his voucher is empty, he could just ask for new voucher instead of making investigation why it not works

    Example of webpage for voucher with expiration time:

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