Splash page not loading after connecting to Wi-fi

  • We have a package set up to allow logins from two devices after payment. We've experienced the odd issue with users not getting the splash page after connecting to the Wifi from another device (laptops especially).

    Trying to browse to a non-secure site (eg http://www.example.com) will redirect to the splash page. However we need some way of telling users to do this. Is it possible to customise the text on the emails with the Wifi login text?

  • @Dan Captive portal detection is a client-side feature. Unfortunately, at times some devices don't detect it properly and require a restart.

    Also redirecting HTTPS sites to the portal will cause certificate errors.

    Is it possible to customise the text on the emails with the Wifi login text?

    Could you explain this a bit ?

  • Hi sorry yes. The email that gets sent out currently says:

    Please find your account details for logging into ABC WiFi
    Username : [email protected]
    Passcode : 12345678

    I would like to add something like this to the email text:

    Note: If you don't see the login screen after connecting to the Wifi, try opening your browser and visiting a none-HTTPS site such as http://example.com. You should then be redirected to the login.

    Can I do that? And if so which file would I edit? Thanks

  • @Dan currently there is no way to customize these text in a scalable manner.

    This email is generated from email_payment_login.html file available in /usr/share/nginx/spotipo/unifispot/modules/payment/templates

    You could edit it as a temp solution, however, each software upgrade will overwrite this file.

    Maybe you could add it as a feature request?

  • @Dan same happened to me. After investigating time ive found out it was a Webbrowser incompatibility issue. I had installed Chrome, IE, brave...

    After uninstalling brave Browser, Windows asked me which Browser to use for opening the landing Page. IE works.

    Give it a try!

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