[RELEASE] Spotipo 3.2 is now available

  • Spotipo 3.2 is now available for testing.

    How to Upgrade from 3.x

    sudo apt get update
    sudo apt install spotipo

    Major Changes

    • Site list is now searchable



    • Added option to manually trigger reports


    Full Content
    [SPOTIPOV3-51] - Add an option to trigger weekly/monthly reports man
    [SPOTIPOV3-58] - Facebook Pixel support
    [SPOTIPOV3-61] - New Templating system
    [SPOTIPOV3-66] - unicide characters in SSID
    [SPOTIPOV3-73] - Add a search bar to site drop down menu to make it easier to navigate into sites
    [SPOTIPOV3-74] - Add support for Unifi controller 5.10
    [SPOTIPOV3-64] - Fix issue with Voucher QR code
    [SPOTIPOV3-65] - guest user is showing 404 while not configured explicitly
    [SPOTIPOV3-69] - Fix UI bug https://support.spotipo.com/topic/36/ui-bug/7
    [SPOTIPOV3-71] - Custom branding css is not showing up in login pages
    [SPOTIPOV3-72] - Issues with sidebar in smaller screens
    [SPOTIPOV3-76] - Fix branding settings getting applied on Basic sites[link text](link url)