option to verify email

  • In case of asking guest to login by email we should be able to have a way to check if the email provided really exists ! tool like neverbounce.com can help with the process ! so an option to enable email verification on the spash page so less funny email address will be used ! 😂

  • @Nicolas Does neverbounce just verify it's a valid email address or that it belongs to the user trying to access WiFI ... a system to email a verification link to the email address entered by the guest would make sense.
    That way if a visitor confirms the email address via the link in their inbox they get full access to WiFI. If they don't confirm it spotipo could restrict the bandwidth or time limit to 10 minutes or so , to give the guest an incentive to confirm the emaill address.

  • @Derek-Buchanan just to verify if the email is valid !

    i understand the method you describe and it could be a good one too !

    the hard thing about dealing with a lot of invalid email is the ip address used to send to them could end up as blacklisted and email could land as span !

    so i would rather have some clean email address even if they do not belong to the user and use an email service provider to send email instead of the ip address of the spotipo server !

  • @Derek-Buchanan @Nicolas we have now included Neverbounce based email validation.

    Actual OTP validation is also under development and will be released in one of the future releases.

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