Facebook login warns for an expired certificate

  • Hello all,

    II've installed Let's Encrypt on my Ubuntu (where also runs the Uquiti Controller at version 5.10.17) and Spotipo solution as landing page for the captive Portal.

    I've updated the certificate with the LE certificate (on both SPotipo and Ubiquiti controller) and everything seems to work fine in test (Controller with the correct LE certificate, Spotipo landing page with LE Certificate). when I try to login with facebook I got the

    ubnt certificate expired on 29.04.2018.

    what could it be? where I'm wrong?

    please let me know.

    best regards.


  • Hello all,
    I've discovered what was the problem... I didn't whitelist the FB IPs on Unifi Guest Control Page.
    once whitelisted I land correctly on Facebook...
    thank you for your attention
    best regards

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