Fast enough?

  • Hi All,

    i'm testing with spotipo, and i'm noticing some speed issues.

    Maybe i'm using the wrong refrence, but at a hospital where i'm quite often i'm used that i'm
    getting a pop-up page when entering the guest wifi and after that i can accept the policy and then i'm online.
    This takes max 10 seconds.

    Offcourse, i'm asking with the social login more interactivity but:

    • it takes up to 10 - 30 seconds before the landingpages opens
    • for instagram and facebook, it's not using the app login, but you need to login on the website (nobody uses websites on his phone, but the app!
    • Re directing takes also 30 seconds.

    Is this normal?

  • Hi All,

    just a up, i'm still wondering how long it normally takes to see the "spotipo login page" .
    For now, it takes up to 1 - 2 minutes..


  • @Ewald-Sarneel Does the delay increased now? In the first post it says about 30sec, and now 2min ?

    Also, we won't be able to use the builtin FB app for login, only browser-based logins are possible for hotspots.

  • it depends on "something"

    i just rebooted my AWS controller, and it seems much faster the first time..
    but, when testing with other phones (iphones) it takes again up to 1.30 / 2 minutes (clocked this time)

    For correct testing on my own phone, i de-authorize on unifi controller, wait a minute, and then select my portal wifi network.

    I have a T2.medium on AWS, and when i check cpu / memory, it looks very normal. (3% cpu and 1.5gb mem free (4gb) )
    Unifi controller is on the same instance.

  • Is there a way to view a log?

    Since yesterday i've done some extra testing, and it seems that (after that reboot) 50% is working seemless, and the other 50% has some issues..
    Issues are speed, and i had some unclear security issues. (i've got certificates, so everything is ssl)

  • @Ewald-Sarneel strange!

    Does the DEMO page has any delay in opening ?

    Also this 50% that doesn't work/works does it belongs to a specific device class etc ?

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